Hydrodynamic Modeling at the University of Oklahoma

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Welcome to the Web site for hydrodynamic modeling at the University of Oklahoma. Please make selections from the menu (above) to navigate the site. You will find information about us, our research, and how it can affect you.

The focus of our research is ADCIRC (or ADvanced CIRCulation), a finite-element hydrodynamic computer model capable of simulating water behavior in oceans, lakes, and estuaries. The model has a variety of applications: predicting storm surge inundations, coordinating naval fleet operations, producing tidal charts in coastal areas, etc. It is used by people around the world. Our group works on model development, including current research in transport, momentum calculations, and parallel computing. More information can be found in the Research section.

Please check the Contact section for that information, or contact the webmaster directly at caseydietrich@ou.edu.