Hydrodynamic Modeling at the University of Oklahoma

Welcome to the People section of our site. We are (from left to right): Dr. John Atkinson, Kendra Dresback, Dr. Randall Kolar, Patricia Quarles, and Casey Dietrich. Not pictured are: Chris Szpilka and our Alumni. We hope that, by learning more about us, you will also learn more about what we do. Please take the time to browse our personal pages. Click on a picture or a name to view that page.

Dr. Randall Kolar
Dr. Kolar is the head of the hydrodynamic modeling group at the University of Oklahoma. He is also an associate professor in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, and he teaches courses in environmental engineering, open channel hydraulics, and numerical methods. His research interests center on quantitative solutions to environmental problems.
Dr. John Atkinson
Dr. Atkinson is a research associate at the University of Oklahoma. His current project is called "Prognostic Baroclinic Computations of 3D Flow in Coastal Seas," which is a fancy way of saying that he is incorporating transport capabilities into a three-dimensional version of ADCIRC.
Kendra Dresback
Kendra is a graduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma. Her dissertation is titled "Algorithmic Improvements and Analyses of the Generalized Wave Continuity Equation Based Model, ADCIRC." Her graduate research has included the implementation of an implicit time-marching algorithm and the conservative form of the momentum equation in the ADCIRC model.
Chris Szpilka
Chris is a graduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma; however, she is spending her final year at home in Helena, Montana. She had a baby, Christopher Andrew Szpilka, on August 25, 2003.
Patricia Quarles
Patricia is a graduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma. She is working on an ADCIRC grid database, which will make available a number of input files for use by researchers around the country.
Casey Dietrich
Casey is an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma. His work has included numerical experiments, pre- and post-processing, parallel benchmarking, and code development. His current research is an assessment of the wetting and drying capabilities of the ADCIRC model.
The Hydrodynamic Modeling group has produced a wide variety of alumni, listed on this page. If you should be included on this page or if you want to add to the information on this page, then please contact the webmaster at cdietrich@ou.edu.