Hydrodynamic Modeling at the University of Oklahoma

What is Hydrodynamic Modeling? What kind of work is done by our group? What are the meanings of our results? You will find the answers to those questions and many more in these sections:
Research Q & A
Hydrodynamic Modeling can be a complicated science, as it involves aspects of physics, engineering, and computer science. As Dr. Randall Kolar answers some questions about our work, we hope that you get a feeling for what it is about.
Research Topics
The Q & A is designed to give you an overview of our work. In this space, we hope to give you a better idea of some of the specific areas of our research.
Conference Reports
We have made available several reports from conferences where we have participated.
Technical Reports
In this space, we have made available several technical reports produced by members of the Hydrodynamic Modeling group.