Hydrodynamic Modeling at the University of Oklahoma

12/10/03..... Added content to the page for Chris Szpilka. Removed the page for Journal Articles, because their inclusion would violate copyright laws. Dr. Tiernan, you suggested that I add a link back to the home page. Well, there has always been such a link --- just click on the title "Hydrodynamic Modeling at the University of Oklahoma." I cannot make the title image into a link because it is the background of that table cell.
12/01/03..... All 34 pages now have content. Note that some of the pages that were finished for Site Version II have been updated, especially the pictures in the People section. There are two pages that still need work: Chris Szpilka, because she now lives in Montana and (understandably) has other things on her mind; and Journal Articles, because I am still waiting to hear whether posting these articles violates copyright laws.
11/12/03..... Dr. Tiernan, you suggested on my Project Proposal that I may have bit off more than I can chew. I do believe that I can finish this Web site this semester, but I was unable to provide content on every page for this site version. The following pages are finished: People, Dr. Randall Kolar, Dr. John Atkinson, Dr. John Atkinson (2), Kendra Dresback, Patricia Quarles, Casey Dietrich, Alumni, Miscellaneous, and Earlier Updates. Those pages, combined with this home page, respresent 11 finished pages out of a projected total of 26 pages.
10/22/03..... Finished the home page and the Miscellaneous page. Created blank pages for the rest of the links. The background image comes from the National Image Library. The JavaScript menu is based on the menu from the Web sites of the College of Engineering and the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, with permission.